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Veteran Medicare

Veteran Medicare

Veteran Medicare

There have been numerous questions asked on how Veterans can use a Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicare Advantage with Part D (MAPD) or Part D plans and how it coordinates with VA benefits. Keep in mind that MAPD or MA plans are NOT limited to those with VA benefits.

Some beneficiaries may be receiving prescription coverage through their work (not a standalone Part D plan) and want an MA-only plan. Also, keep in mind that a member cannot have both the MAPD plan and a standalone Part D plan. If they enroll in the MAPD plan while already enrolled in a Part D plan or another MAPD plan, they will lose their previous coverage.

How to Coordinate Benefits

The VA prospect has a choice to either enroll in the MAPD plan or using their VA benefits for care. Their VA benefits will not be conflicted, and they may choose the MAPD plan to have the choice of how and where they obtain their prescriptions.

If a veteran would like to take advantage of the MAPD plan for second options with specialist, they must get a referral from the primary physician under the plan.

They can receive all the extra benefits under the plan, not included with their VA benefits: includes Dental, Vision, Hearing, Transportation and more.

Each plan offers different benefits, which is why it's best to work with an Insurance Adviser who could guide you on the best plan for your unique needs.

Most plans have a free fitness facility membership and offer different services.

VA members have a "back up" or safety net for his Medicare benefits by enrolling into a MAPD plan.

VA members have choices when traveling, so they can go to any hospital in an emergency room and not try to locate a VA hospital.

VA members in the MAPD plan cannot have a prescription filled by a VA Pharmacy or take a prescription from a private doctor to the VA pharmacy to be filled.

If you have further questions contact one of our license and Certified Insurance Adviser.

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